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 After only about a week of hols, I am now back in uni for my June - July lectures.

One thing of consolation, however, is my lecture on South Asian Literature. I've never been exposed to literature and culture of South Asia, so I'm quite excited for this particular elective.

Things I have enjoyed during my week-long hols:

1. Some episodes of Empress Ki. IT IS 51 EPISODES LONG, I dunno when I will be able to finish it, I'm only 7 eps in. But so far, I've enjoyed the spoiled bumbling future emperor and his older long-suffering bodyguard turned wife. I AM FOUR YEARS LATE INTO THIS FANDOM so I'm thirsty for tumblr content. It's a good thing I found the official facebook page for my pretty pictures needs. This show also sparked in me an interest in the history of the Mongol empire.

2. The Handmaiden. Which is an adaptation of Sarah Waters' Fingersmith (my to-read!). But in this adaptation, the setting is in Japan-occupied Korea, so hearing the characters speak in both Japanese and Korean is such a treat. I loved the Japanese lady, Izumi Hideko, and her sweet-faced filthy-mouthed Korean maid, Nam Sook Hee. I love these East Asian lesbians! Also, the cinnamon tography is sooo pretty. 

3. Dua Lipa's debut album, after a messy roll-out campaign. But she delivered!!! Bless your ears with the opening track, Genesis.

4. Strangers, which is a Halsey track featuring my darling Lauren Jauregui. Sign me up for this bisexual WOC collab. (Speaking of, if Lauren collaborated on another woman-lovin woman song with either Kehlani or Hayley Kiyoko, catch me curled up in a corner, overcome with glee.)

5. My favourite marble heart necklace. I'm still touched by this gift. <3


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