Jan. 22nd, 2017

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First week back was rather exhausting. Have to adjust sleeping patterns, amongst other things.

Last Friday I lugged home four books from the library. Three of them are about the politics and culture of Southeast Asia and the other one about baronial life in 13th century England.

Looking up the cards at the backs of the library books is some sort of amusement for me: the names, the dates - especially if the return dates are so far apart and the book is seldom borrowed in a decade.

In other news: am really looking forward to my darling Kehlani's new album due at the end of the week! There were two weeks in summer of 2015 where I just basked in her mixtape You Should Be Here. And then in December of same year I rolled around her Cloud 19 mixtape. There's just something so earthy and so relaxed about her music, and I love the frankness of her lyrics. It's like lounging somewhere tropical, beneath some palms and with a glass of coconut juice in hand, occasionally sitting up and nodding profusely at what she's saying. One poster over at Popjustice was right: Kehlani's like the TLC regrouped in one person.

For reference, she was featured on The Fader some time ago. It was one of my favourite issues.

Look at her darling face!

Of course, for whatever awards are worth nowadays, it doesn't hurt that her mixtape was also nominated for the Grammys.


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