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Jan. 20th, 2017 12:42 am
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It's been a while since I've been in a journal platform because I was one of those lured by tumblr's strange siren call. Said siren call is of course tumblr's tagging system. Lovely to find other people, but also deadly. (Horror stories, oh horror stories of strange people jumping on your posts!) Anyway, I am over there at blotsandcreases.

I also have an LJ. I just got there again, but it seems like people are leaving it, so. For now I'm there mainly for a comm about a certain music artist. Also olivia_beige.

-Harry Potter.
-Orphan Black.
-Orange Is The New Black.
-Pacific Rim.
-Mad Max Fury Road
-A handful of other fandoms, really.
-basically drop a heap of female characters on me and I'll drift to that fandom.
-Lauren Jauregui. Zayn Malik. Natalie Dormer. Hayley Kiyoko.
-Beautiful people and caffeine and cake.
-Ladies being awesome, and sapphic.
-Diversity, representation.
-Sansa Stark. Arianne Martell. Cersei Lannister. Catelyn Tully.
-Fic written in perspectives of sidetracked female characters.
-Fairy tales.
-Rare pairs.
-Unmotherly mothers.
-Lady monsters.

Other Things About Me:
- Child of the 90s and the coffee pot.
- Uni student.
- Your girl is not white.
- Bilingual.
- Shy, but excitable.
- Pineapple is one of the reasons pizza was put on this earth, the other one being cheese.
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THREE important exams in the next two weeks. *DRAGS FINGERS DOWN CHEEKS*

So of course this is what I've been up to:

1. Drinking lots and lots of fruit juice.
2. Drinking lots and lots of water.
3. Eating lots of fruits.
4. Trying to sleep at reasonable times.
5. A bit of stress-ficcing. (In the midst of attempting to take a hiatus from tumblr)

Love How Bittersweet It Tastes. Margaery/Cersei, 1588 words. Margaery is a TA who loves breakfast and, hitherto unknown to her, being called a good girl.I think I want to expand this after my exams.

Hold You Like You Ought To Be Held. Kat/Adena. 1178 words. Adena loves Kat's voice. She especially loves feeling it between her breasts.(Between Ep 04's kiss and Ep 05's morning coffee.) I love this show so much. I love this pairing so much. As I've posted here.

Aerea Targaryen and Baela Targaryen. This is one of those flash fics you bang out at the spur of the moment. So it's on my tumblr, I don't know the wordcount, and it has no title.
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I cannot be coherent about this, so:

Imagine seeing on your screen a BLACK WOMAN, let us call her Kat Edison, being a protagonist and being involved in a canon romantic storyline with a MUSLIM IRANIAN LESBIAN, Adena El Amin.


*breathes deeply*

*sips lemon water*

Kat: a trust-fund baby, relentless, brave, super smart and efficient and social media director of a magazine. Adena: passionate, self-proclaimed provocateur, proud, activist multilingual photographer. CANON WLWOC ON MY TV.


And as if I wasn't being fed enough the show decides to give me A HEALTHY FEMALE FRIENDSHIP AS ITS FOCAL POINT, a friendship amongst Kat and her two best mates Jane Sloan and Sutton Brady.

I admit I wasn't expecting much from "The Bold Type," but god damn. It delivered for me. It's the show I needed. You know that delightful fuzzy feeling when you're sitting back and sinking into your fave 20k-word fic after a looong week? That's it.

(My icon: my precious ones Kat and Adena. Intimidatingly gorgeous couple, both of them with intimidating-at-first personalities like woah.)
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UNI TERM AGAIN, and I am back on the bullet journal.

For years I've tried to keep a diary, you know, for some interested archaeologist in the distant future, but I've never actually had one which lasted beyond a month. Surprisingly, it's easier to keep one if it's all about to-do lists and random comments about the day, said comments sometimes in the form of a very private twitter feed.

This term promises to be a very busy one. It's only the first week, but my readings are already STACKED, GOD, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN. Fic writing must be put on hold. I'm rather excited about the wips on top of my list, too: there's one about TV verse Dany/Sansa where Sansa was the one sent south to treat with Dany (listen service top!Dany and power bottom!Sansa, together, is all I want); then a book verse Tommen/Margaery after the War for the Dawn; and another on Barba Bracken, lmaoo.

Sometimes I'm struck with the thought that hmmmm, maybe I should try to write for more popular pairings, that way I can reach more people, get to know and talk with and be excited with stuff with more like-minded people, maybe strike more friendships but *cheerful shrug* I write what I like hahaha (and have no idea on how to plot, lbh). Which means femslash and rarepairs (and rarepair femslash) and, like, sidelined canon ladies. I LOVE ROLLING AROUND THESE TOPICS. *vomits hearts*

So. HOW ARE YOU? Do you use bullet journal, or something else similar?
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Title: The Princess of Dorne

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire

Relationship: Doran Martell & The Unnamed Princess of Dorne

Summary: Doran thought of Mother. He could already hear her laugh and feel her firm hand on his shoulder, but the memory was never enough when it came to the vibrancy, the sheer volume, of Mother’s presence.

Wordcount: 1,750

Note: In this house we name our ladies.

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Title: To Pineapple or Not To Pineapple

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Relationship: Sansa Stark/Jon Snow

Summary: It's all going well in the Northern Neighbourhood Association meeting, when Sansa Stark and Jon Snow started arguing about pineapple on pizza.

Wordcount: 1,849

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Title: A Candy Cottage in Winter

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones

Relationship: Sansa Stark/Jon Snow, Sansa Stark & Margaery Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell & Cersei Lannister

Summary: Sansa Stark stumbles upon a house made of cakes and candies and biscuits. In the middle of the woods. In winter.

Wordcount: 2,877

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Title: Sunburn In My Eyes

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire

Relationship: Shella Whent & Minisa Whent

Summary: “In the beginning,” Shella told the pomegranate she was arranging, “Harrenhal was ruined. It all started there. It was ruined for the realm to be born.”
“No,” Minisa laughed, playfully sprinkling Shella’s face with the water for Minisa’s flowers. “No. Everything started with a beam of sunlight.”

Wordcount: 1,729


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...it goes like this.

WORLD DOMINATION = asleep by 12mn + ample sleeping time + coffee

After that you will feel like you are MAGNIFICENCE IN HUMAN FORM.

Today I got up early, for we have entered the Grind Phase of the term. Summer classes will end mid-July: we only have less than 30 lecture days.

In other news, I've been thinking about starting to read romance novels. When I was a wee girl who didn't know any better, I used to sniff at them in disdain and wouldn't touch them because what if they have Like The Other Girls cooties???? But I grew up, and got a bit better.

So, then! I tried to Google, but it's all so overwhelming, and some of the summaries leave me cold. I thought to myself, "MAYBE it's really just because you have low attraction towards men? Romance is boring if you're bored with the half of the pair," and also "I'm rather lazy when it comes to getting myself to invest in male characters nowadays," and also "WHERE ARE THE LESBIAN OR BISEXUAL BODICE RIPPERS???"

Have you lovelies got romance novel suggestions? Have you dabbled in the genre? Are you reading it? I'll take all recs, contemporary or period pieces. And more importantly, what are your sleeping hours?

Hope you'll have a good weekend!
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Much sobbing.

More jubilation.

Thankfully less heart palpitation, since I've had three helpings of coffee in 6 hours.
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For any of you lovelies who might be going through some challenging, if not outright difficult, moments, keep going. :)


"But what if we prevail?"

- Davos I, A Dance With Dragons

For context, this was supposed to have been said by the 19-year-old Eddard "Ned" Stark as he smuggled himself back to the North to call his banners 15 years before the canon era.

Why was this boy doing this?

His younger sister disappeared with the crown prince so Ned's older brother, in a fit of ill-advised hot-headedness, rode to the capital and demanded for the crown prince to come out and die for apparently kidnapping a betrothed highborn lady. (The crown prince was already married to a Dornish princess who deserved better.) The ruling king was beyond loopy, so he jailed Ned's older brother, summoned Ned's father, and killed father and son without proper trial. Then the king commanded the deaths of Ned and his friend, Robert Baratheon. Who was betrothed to Ned's younger sister. Their foster father was like, "No way. After decades of madness, this is the LAST STRAW. WE REBEL THE F OUT OF THIS MOFO."

Ned finds himself losing 3 family members in one swoop, and takes his older brother's place not only as the next Lord of Winterfell but also as the husband to Catelyn Tully. Ned's banners called, the rebellion was now in full swing. It seemed almost impossible, but eventually they toppled the 300 year old Targaryen dynasty.

Let me now go back to revising for my exam on Friday. Summer classes are hell. Daunting, taxing. But what if we prevail. :)
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Have you good people got any experience on this:

I seem to have changed my Yahoo mail password when all the hacking fuss started on January. But now I can't remember it :( And when I tried to retrieve it they only asked me for the phone number I'm no longer using.

I am locked out. *SAD FACE* Whatever happened to the good old secret questions?

I would appreciate any advice.
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 After only about a week of hols, I am now back in uni for my June - July lectures.

One thing of consolation, however, is my lecture on South Asian Literature. I've never been exposed to literature and culture of South Asia, so I'm quite excited for this particular elective.

Things I have enjoyed during my week-long hols:

1. Some episodes of Empress Ki. IT IS 51 EPISODES LONG, I dunno when I will be able to finish it, I'm only 7 eps in. But so far, I've enjoyed the spoiled bumbling future emperor and his older long-suffering bodyguard turned wife. I AM FOUR YEARS LATE INTO THIS FANDOM so I'm thirsty for tumblr content. It's a good thing I found the official facebook page for my pretty pictures needs. This show also sparked in me an interest in the history of the Mongol empire.

2. The Handmaiden. Which is an adaptation of Sarah Waters' Fingersmith (my to-read!). But in this adaptation, the setting is in Japan-occupied Korea, so hearing the characters speak in both Japanese and Korean is such a treat. I loved the Japanese lady, Izumi Hideko, and her sweet-faced filthy-mouthed Korean maid, Nam Sook Hee. I love these East Asian lesbians! Also, the cinnamon tography is sooo pretty. 

3. Dua Lipa's debut album, after a messy roll-out campaign. But she delivered!!! Bless your ears with the opening track, Genesis.

4. Strangers, which is a Halsey track featuring my darling Lauren Jauregui. Sign me up for this bisexual WOC collab. (Speaking of, if Lauren collaborated on another woman-lovin woman song with either Kehlani or Hayley Kiyoko, catch me curled up in a corner, overcome with glee.)

5. My favourite marble heart necklace. I'm still touched by this gift. <3
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Title: Beet Juice
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones
Relationship: Tommen Baratheon & Rhaenys Targaryen
Summary: When Tommen was very little, he used to love beets. Then he met a black cat and the girl under the bed.
Wordcount: 1,909

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I am NEARLY finished with this term. Freedom, I can almost feel youuuuu. Time to catch up on sleep and comments and whatever else, I can almost feel youuuu.

And then summer lectures commence on June.

What are you excited about for the next few months?
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There are still 12 items in my to-do list before this term ends.

AND THEN I will be free! Free to catch up on your posts, lovelies. Free to nap all day, and free to maybe write some fic for You're Beautiful. And free to READ ALL DAY. And maybe finish some WiPs.

Which is quite ambitious. What an ambitious freedom minutiae. Because I will be signing up for June-July classes.

*thoughtfully glances at the time*

I think - it's time to hydrate. Yes, cool water sounds good.

Also I cannot stop listening to Lovely Day, which is part of the OST of You're Beautiful. I cannot understand a word of it, but it reminds me of key scenes I loved. :D
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Yesterday I was sipping from my tall glass of lemon water and compiling my to-do list when I asked myself, "When will the universe give me a lesbian romcom k-drama?"

May is the month of sunlight and Hell, as we all know. This past weekend - and I have no lectures on Mondays so I always have long weekends - I spent my study breaks watching a Korean drama.

You're Beautiful (or Minami Shineyo) - A novice in a nunnery, Go Mi-nyu, has to pretend to be her twin brother and enter a boy band whilst he recovers from a corrective surgery on the eyelid. I really liked a lot of things about it: the writers had a lot of fun playing around with cliches, and confrontations abound, and so are the funny and ridiculous parts. I love me some crack and ridiculousness! Still have a couple of episodes left to see!

My dad loves k-dramas, and when I was a wee kid my first k-drama was the historical drama Jewel in the Palace. I haven't watched a lot of them but when I remember how amazing the protagonist of Jewel in the Palace is, and how much I gleefully shrieked at You're Beautiful, it's very clear that I simply have to watch more k-dramas.

It's also possible that there is already a lesbian romcom k-drama. If you know any titles, lesbian or sapphic, or whatever, I welcome recs. :)

(And now, back to my three essays that I have to finish.)

ETA: Thank god for Kissasian dot com, their subtitles are great.
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Saturday mornings are a universe unto its collective surreal self. And Saturday nights are for tumbling into bed, feeling pleasantly soupy, after an evening of laughter and lazy imbibing of chocolate. *nods solemnly*

I sigh contentedly and aggressively ignore to-do list for the meantime.

In other news, this Wednesday I did end up tweaking and posting the first part of that pre-Conquest wip. As if I haven't got other wips, and a tonne of coursework. Because I am a human disaster.

Title: Will Endure
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Summary: House Stark shortly before the Targaryen Conquest. "The Kings of Winter never die, say the smallfolk. The Kings of Winter only grow as old as they can until the night, and then come morning they turn young again. But they are always there, with their greatsword and their direwolf. The Stark kings are as eternal as their stronghold Winterfell."
Wordcount: 3,430

Of course I named the semi-canonically unnamed daughter Lyanna. :)
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Currently finishing a presentation for tomorrow.

Naturally it's the time to have a bit of an existential nitpick.

So, today I've had:
- a large cup of coffee
- a large cup of cocoa with a dash of coffee
- a large cup of cocoa

For quite some time now, I've been saying I'm having a tea instead of I'm having tea.There was one day last week when I've had, like, 5 cups of tea in twelve hours. Because I have turned into a deplorable caffeine bot. I have been since I was 13 when I succumbed to the potent combination of perfectionism, I'll-forever-deny-it competitiveness in school, and having my eye on a really great uni.

I got into the uni, and along trailed my constant friend the caffeine cup. The caffeine cup has me by the heartstrings. I'm told by the doctor that heart palpitations are not healthy. So far I've had none. *cheers*
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...and despairing of the next few weeks, and doing some assigned reading for tomorrow.

We've come to that point in a uni term when you want it to be over and at the same time, you do not, because of the positively tottering pile of coursework waiting for you at the end.

In my drafts I've just encountered a 3k wip on Torrhen Stark and his family told from the POV of his semi-canonically unnamed daughter. (The World of Ice and Fire is such a gem for ficcers.) I can only stare at it and wonder what kind of nerd tea I've gulped down when I wrote it.

ME: Don't touch it, Self. I am warning you. Do not touch it until after exams.
ALSO ME: But...House Stark...feelings...too long waiting...She-Wolves of Winterfell...canon novella...unpublished...

Naming the unnamed daughters and sisters and wives in fics, that's my dark secret. Writing fics from their POVs, totally my jam. Also give me all the female bastards.
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I have been to two film screenings today, and being the secret sensitive soul that I am, I did tear up (a lot). Then my companion and I, let us call her Someone Who Is Terribly Bossy And Terribly Efficient, went for a walk and had ice cream and fresh fruit shakes. I had the cheese ice cream with bits of real cheese in it, and it was glorious. It was as glorious as the fresh mango shake.

A few days ago I stumbled upon what is probably my most favourite Harry Potter post-canon depiction. THIS IS NOW MY HEADCANON. He is also wearing a Weasley jumper, bless. A few people have told me that Harry looks very Asian, very brown, specifically, very Desi here. It is enormously pleasing, let me tell you. Even though I am of a different kind of Asian.

One of the amazing content found in tumblr (a box of chocolates of a website, some fantastic, some you find to have been expired and awful) is that meta that James Potter's family could have very well been Asian witches and that Potter is an Anglicized version of a South Asian name P - something, I forget. But that meta is amazing. ETA: There are TWO OF THEM. REALLY AMAZING POSTS. Come have cheese ice cream and fresh mango shake with me, metas!

In other Harry Potter links, let us show our love for comms like [community profile] hpdrizzle, which is now accepting sign-ups, and [community profile] hp_coffeehouse which is accepting fills for month-long prompts. Let me think on signing up for Drizzle. I have neglected participating in this fandom for too long.

And of course, for the ASOIAF crowd, we have [profile] valar_morekinks which accepts all kinds of prompts, kinky or not, cracky or not.

I've been feeling so tired from this week, and thinking about the coming week is just ugh. Let me toddle off for a brownie and dream about cheese ice cream.

What are your other comm suggestions? Do you think cheese ice cream is amazing?


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