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Yesterday I was sipping from my tall glass of lemon water and compiling my to-do list when I asked myself, "When will the universe give me a lesbian romcom k-drama?"

May is the month of sunlight and Hell, as we all know. This past weekend - and I have no lectures on Mondays so I always have long weekends - I spent my study breaks watching a Korean drama.

You're Beautiful (or Minami Shineyo) - A novice in a nunnery, Go Mi-nyu, has to pretend to be her twin brother and enter a boy band whilst he recovers from a corrective surgery on the eyelid. I really liked a lot of things about it: the writers had a lot of fun playing around with cliches, and confrontations abound, and so are the funny and ridiculous parts. I love me some crack and ridiculousness! Still have a couple of episodes left to see!

My dad loves k-dramas, and when I was a wee kid my first k-drama was the historical drama Jewel in the Palace. I haven't watched a lot of them but when I remember how amazing the protagonist of Jewel in the Palace is, and how much I gleefully shrieked at You're Beautiful, it's very clear that I simply have to watch more k-dramas.

It's also possible that there is already a lesbian romcom k-drama. If you know any titles, lesbian or sapphic, or whatever, I welcome recs. :)

(And now, back to my three essays that I have to finish.)

ETA: Thank god for Kissasian dot com, their subtitles are great.
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In the spirit of the new year, I will try to make 2017 thrive as much as 2014 did.

Of course the only way to make this happen is to clone 2014!

ME: *is a Professor Duncan from Orphan Black* THRIVE, 2017, THRIVE LIKE YOUR SISTER.

Or not. I can always smush them together. Osmosis might occur. An osmosis of positivity!

I will start by trying to post as regularly as I can.

1. Yesterday I got tired out by the registration for the new term. Lighter load this term, only 15 units. And one of them is a required course on Political Science. Fancy that!

2. Drive-by Rec: San Junipero episode of Black Mirror. I've enjoyed it this holidays. It involves an interracial couple, one of them an awkward lesbian and one a bodacious bisexual, and it didn't end in tears! Only an hour long and no knowledge of other episodes or seasons is required.

3. My slow but sure campaign to finish all the wips in my drafts folder continues. A majority of them is femslash. Fandom needs more hopeful open-ended femslash fics, and so of course: Be the change you want to see.


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