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Yesterday I was sipping from my tall glass of lemon water and compiling my to-do list when I asked myself, "When will the universe give me a lesbian romcom k-drama?"

May is the month of sunlight and Hell, as we all know. This past weekend - and I have no lectures on Mondays so I always have long weekends - I spent my study breaks watching a Korean drama.

You're Beautiful (or Minami Shineyo) - A novice in a nunnery, Go Mi-nyu, has to pretend to be her twin brother and enter a boy band whilst he recovers from a corrective surgery on the eyelid. I really liked a lot of things about it: the writers had a lot of fun playing around with cliches, and confrontations abound, and so are the funny and ridiculous parts. I love me some crack and ridiculousness! Still have a couple of episodes left to see!

My dad loves k-dramas, and when I was a wee kid my first k-drama was the historical drama Jewel in the Palace. I haven't watched a lot of them but when I remember how amazing the protagonist of Jewel in the Palace is, and how much I gleefully shrieked at You're Beautiful, it's very clear that I simply have to watch more k-dramas.

It's also possible that there is already a lesbian romcom k-drama. If you know any titles, lesbian or sapphic, or whatever, I welcome recs. :)

(And now, back to my three essays that I have to finish.)

ETA: Thank god for Kissasian dot com, their subtitles are great.


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