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I decided to take a break from revising, so of course I opened up a blank Word document. Two hours in, I was cheerfully typing away at a modern AU fic with Ned and Catelyn and Cersei when I was suffused with laziness.


My computer screen does not know why, unfortunately.

I think I'm hungry, that's why, and also because I am currently using my so-called Notebook of Academic Win as my mouse pad. It is a notebook wherein I wrote down my plans for wrestling with my Easter hols workload.

As it is nearing the end of term, I think my overachieving mode has kicked in and I will be far too distracted to properly write fic.

I have recs, though!

The Ruins Left Inside You (Jennifer's Body) Needy finds that she can't rest after taking revenge on Low Shoulder. 

I love this post-canon fic! The concept of Needy as some sort of vigilante with Jennifer's ghost as a devil-on-your-shoulder and Chip's as an angel-on-your-shoulder is really appealing to me.

Cool Girls (A Song of Ice and Fire, Cersei/Lyanna) by yours truly. Cersei finds herself in a group of ladies - and some men - that Prince Rhaegar has whisked away to ensure a prophecy. Nobody had the courtesy to inform her that the Stark girl can be mischievously attractive.

This fic, I think, is a good introduction to what sort of person you have just followed, what with all the DW migration that has been happening. :D  I am this fic's personification. It is femslash and rarepair and cracky, with dashes of sincerity. It was written for a prompt on the LJ comm valar-morekinks and I remember rushing a chunk of the second part, but overall this remains to be my favourite also because it is finished.

Will now have a snack. What are your recommendations for revision snacks, aside from Rich Tea Biscuits or Kit Kat or pineapple-topped pizza?

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 ...and utterly swamped with Easter hols homework. I gave myself Friday night until the whole of Sunday for some recovering time from the madness that was the last two weeks (see: stuffing myself with sushi as coping technique).

Today's GOALS:
1. Read the two assigned readings on local governance. Take notes for essay.
2. Draft and send letter for an interview.
3. Follow-up on another interview. 

I've been LISTENING to some amazing ladies for the past hour:
1. Dreamer - Charli XCX ft Starrah and Raye
2. Let It Rain - Jojo
3. Keep Running - Tei Shi

Queenmaker, Kingbreaker by SecondStarOnTheLeft. Visenya Targaryen, the first of her name, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, and her Lady Hand, Princess Meria Nymeros Martell of Dorne, discuss the formation of their small council.

I LOVE IT SO MUCH. MERIA MARTELL. I AM SWOONING. ESPECIALLY THE LAST BIT. I swooned the entire time I was reading the Dorne chapter in The World of Ice and Fire, I'm THIS near to shipping myself with Meria. I'm a big fan of Dorne (and the North. Both "never truly conquered by dragons.") And also: a matriarchy under the Targaryen rule. Come give this fic some love.


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