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In the spirit of the new year, I will try to make 2017 thrive as much as 2014 did.

Of course the only way to make this happen is to clone 2014!

ME: *is a Professor Duncan from Orphan Black* THRIVE, 2017, THRIVE LIKE YOUR SISTER.

Or not. I can always smush them together. Osmosis might occur. An osmosis of positivity!

I will start by trying to post as regularly as I can.

1. Yesterday I got tired out by the registration for the new term. Lighter load this term, only 15 units. And one of them is a required course on Political Science. Fancy that!

2. Drive-by Rec: San Junipero episode of Black Mirror. I've enjoyed it this holidays. It involves an interracial couple, one of them an awkward lesbian and one a bodacious bisexual, and it didn't end in tears! Only an hour long and no knowledge of other episodes or seasons is required.

3. My slow but sure campaign to finish all the wips in my drafts folder continues. A majority of them is femslash. Fandom needs more hopeful open-ended femslash fics, and so of course: Be the change you want to see.
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Go look at this little comic! Fandom cake as baked by Fandom Cat with much love and dedication.

The perfect Fandom Cake has:

- blithe perusal and tossing away of Canon Recipe
- a cup of diversity
- a spoon of 100% tooth-rotting Fluff
- a spoon of Snark
- a drop of Essence of Canon
- absolute refusal of Angst
- a drop of Gay
- accidentally adding even more Gay
- more vehement refusal of Angst
- browsing tumblr as the cake bakes
- more refusal of Angst dammit
- healthy slathering of Smut
- a cherry of Really Weird Stuff
- coyly cutting yourself a piece of the cake
- eating the whole Fandom Cake
- bliss. satisfaction

Fandom Cat and I would get on really well.
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Oh, I thought to myself, this fandom has history.

Anything with history is Awesomeness. With chocolate. Since chocolate is anti-apocalypse of decadence.

Last Friday was exhausting, and I just tumbled on to bed, reeking of chemicals and drained of comprehension. What better thing to do than to just arrange fic bookmarks? So I did, and because my brain felt like scrambled eggs, lj inbox was also checked. Someone commented on a fic of mine, and over to their user info I innocently drifted. Which of course led to wanton surfing. 

Morsels of Awesomeness with Chocolate I've gathered:

So, apparently, when little Livvy was still in first grade and navigating the mysteries of the floppy disk, it was 2001 and a year into the HP fandom's Three-Year-Summer. Said summer was a time when almost everyone was spouting off fics left, right, and centre. The 'classic fics' were produced, pairings were paired off (la, beloved H/D included). 

This Awesomeness with Chocolate also has shipping wars (most prominently: Harry/Hermione vs. Harry/Ginny), wanks, emergence of Snarry from rarepair to mainstream, lots of cons (sounds so fun, even for wallflowers). Then more shipping wars after HBP release, with people flinging books and themselves into the lake of woe, and the 2007 Strikethrough, which may have been the reason for overwhelming goat encounters (Access Denied! Deleted and purged!).

(God, I feel like a total baby.)

It was just fascinating to see journals which were created way back in 2002 and still active in 2013. Then there were the dead links and the dead journals which loudly spoke to me (with the goat and odd advertisements) of the many years I've missed.

Admittedly, I puzzled over the shipping wars and the wanks. Scrambled egg brains aside, I skimmed through them scratching my chin.  Fanfiction, Livvy Comprehension, means exploring possibilities and personal readings of the text, that was why I was immediately taken with it. Anyway.

The HP fandom was so big back then, from what I've assumed, and just a bit scary to dive into, what with the wanks and the trolls and all. These recent years appear to be more sedate (from what I've seen from my newbie corner), possibly because we're more reconciled with canon.

So I was wondering. What were the trends in this fandom, H/D in particular? [livejournal.com profile] eidheann_writes once mentioned, if scramble egg brains are to be trusted, that a lot of fics were massive virtual paper meals back then. 

It must've been interesting for the old souls (not in actual age, though! :) ) to live through the changes in character depictions as new books were released. I imagine fic writers of open canon had lots of obstacles to wade through.

Any other bits of Awesomeness with Chocolate? *bounces*


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