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Title: Sunburn In My Eyes

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire

Relationship: Shella Whent & Minisa Whent

Summary: “In the beginning,” Shella told the pomegranate she was arranging, “Harrenhal was ruined. It all started there. It was ruined for the realm to be born.”
“No,” Minisa laughed, playfully sprinkling Shella’s face with the water for Minisa’s flowers. “No. Everything started with a beam of sunlight.”

Wordcount: 1,729


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Saturday mornings are a universe unto its collective surreal self. And Saturday nights are for tumbling into bed, feeling pleasantly soupy, after an evening of laughter and lazy imbibing of chocolate. *nods solemnly*

I sigh contentedly and aggressively ignore to-do list for the meantime.

In other news, this Wednesday I did end up tweaking and posting the first part of that pre-Conquest wip. As if I haven't got other wips, and a tonne of coursework. Because I am a human disaster.

Title: Will Endure
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Summary: House Stark shortly before the Targaryen Conquest. "The Kings of Winter never die, say the smallfolk. The Kings of Winter only grow as old as they can until the night, and then come morning they turn young again. But they are always there, with their greatsword and their direwolf. The Stark kings are as eternal as their stronghold Winterfell."
Wordcount: 3,430

Of course I named the semi-canonically unnamed daughter Lyanna. :)
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...and despairing of the next few weeks, and doing some assigned reading for tomorrow.

We've come to that point in a uni term when you want it to be over and at the same time, you do not, because of the positively tottering pile of coursework waiting for you at the end.

In my drafts I've just encountered a 3k wip on Torrhen Stark and his family told from the POV of his semi-canonically unnamed daughter. (The World of Ice and Fire is such a gem for ficcers.) I can only stare at it and wonder what kind of nerd tea I've gulped down when I wrote it.

ME: Don't touch it, Self. I am warning you. Do not touch it until after exams.
ALSO ME: But...House Stark...feelings...too long waiting...She-Wolves of Winterfell...canon novella...unpublished...

Naming the unnamed daughters and sisters and wives in fics, that's my dark secret. Writing fics from their POVs, totally my jam. Also give me all the female bastards.
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Today at lunch I had an interesting Korean ice cream, dripped the ice cream down my blouse and on my shoe, and took a walk around campus. Well. I was walking whilst eating the ice cream.

ME: Lovely, lovely Korean ice cream. With solid chocolate in the middle! I miss South Korea!
ME: Oooh hibiscuses! Oooh dahlias! Oooh huge glob of ice cream on my shoe...fuck...
PASSERBY: Why is that girl nudging the plants...with her foot...
PASSERBY: She's waving a popsickle stick. Dripping with bits of...a drippy thing.

All of which were very exciting.

Then I met up with two new friends from one of my courses. I asked them if they had any fandoms. They asked me if I had any fandoms. I was chattering happily about books and a few shows and a few movies when they kindly let me know that...no...they're not involved in any fandoms.

FRIEND: I'm pretty sure Teddy Lupin did not date Cho Chang. I'm pretty sure Teddy Lupin WAS A BABY.
FRIEND: She's raving. She's got ice cream stains on her blouse and shoe, and she's raving.

I felt like Alice stumbling out of the rabbit hole. It was still exciting to introduce people to the concept of fandom and transformative works.

Another thing which excites me, speaking of fannishness, is the She-Wolves of Winterfell which George R.R. Martin has planned to be a future installment of Dunk and Egg. I KNOW I KNOW he said he won't be touching it before he finishes Winds, BUT I AM SO THIRSTY FOR IT. Stark ladies! A GROUP OF FORMIDABLE STARK LADIES. MORE INFO ABOUT THE STARK FAMILY. 80 years ago! Will Old Nan be there? I'd love to write fic in her pov. Will Lyarra be mentioned? *GRABBY HANDS*

What are some exciting things which happened to you post-Easter hols? What are you excited about, generally?


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