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...and despairing of the next few weeks, and doing some assigned reading for tomorrow.

We've come to that point in a uni term when you want it to be over and at the same time, you do not, because of the positively tottering pile of coursework waiting for you at the end.

In my drafts I've just encountered a 3k wip on Torrhen Stark and his family told from the POV of his semi-canonically unnamed daughter. (The World of Ice and Fire is such a gem for ficcers.) I can only stare at it and wonder what kind of nerd tea I've gulped down when I wrote it.

ME: Don't touch it, Self. I am warning you. Do not touch it until after exams.
ALSO ME: But...House Stark...feelings...too long waiting...She-Wolves of Winterfell...canon novella...unpublished...

Naming the unnamed daughters and sisters and wives in fics, that's my dark secret. Writing fics from their POVs, totally my jam. Also give me all the female bastards.

Date: 2017-04-26 12:13 pm (UTC)
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I really want canon names for all the unnamed women in asoiaf; I must know what the unnamed princess of Dorne was called. But then I remember that world of ice and fire named a bunch of Tullys after muppets and think it might be better if fans named them in fic.

And I am fascinated by the lives of female bastard. Like, Jon Snow, bless his cotton socks, he really did not have the worst lot in Westeros.


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