Apr. 12th, 2017

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I decided to take a break from revising, so of course I opened up a blank Word document. Two hours in, I was cheerfully typing away at a modern AU fic with Ned and Catelyn and Cersei when I was suffused with laziness.


My computer screen does not know why, unfortunately.

I think I'm hungry, that's why, and also because I am currently using my so-called Notebook of Academic Win as my mouse pad. It is a notebook wherein I wrote down my plans for wrestling with my Easter hols workload.

As it is nearing the end of term, I think my overachieving mode has kicked in and I will be far too distracted to properly write fic.

I have recs, though!

The Ruins Left Inside You (Jennifer's Body) Needy finds that she can't rest after taking revenge on Low Shoulder. 

I love this post-canon fic! The concept of Needy as some sort of vigilante with Jennifer's ghost as a devil-on-your-shoulder and Chip's as an angel-on-your-shoulder is really appealing to me.

Cool Girls (A Song of Ice and Fire, Cersei/Lyanna) by yours truly. Cersei finds herself in a group of ladies - and some men - that Prince Rhaegar has whisked away to ensure a prophecy. Nobody had the courtesy to inform her that the Stark girl can be mischievously attractive.

This fic, I think, is a good introduction to what sort of person you have just followed, what with all the DW migration that has been happening. :D  I am this fic's personification. It is femslash and rarepair and cracky, with dashes of sincerity. It was written for a prompt on the LJ comm valar-morekinks and I remember rushing a chunk of the second part, but overall this remains to be my favourite also because it is finished.

Will now have a snack. What are your recommendations for revision snacks, aside from Rich Tea Biscuits or Kit Kat or pineapple-topped pizza?


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